Noor Brands

Noor Brands was started in 2011 and has grown to have a network that spans the whole state of Punjab. We are glad to say that our goods are organic and contain no additional preservatives. Noor Brands has been baking happiness for over 11 years. Not simply because it’s our job, but because we feel it actually matters when it comes to laying a solid foundation for future generations.

Our Mission

Set a standard in brand distribution and development by investing in quality service infrastructure and continual improvement.

Our Vision

We succeed by creating superior products that consistently satisfy our customers’ expectations and are manufactured with excellent food safety standards. We believe if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing correctly.

Why choose NOOR BRANDS

Eat more healthfully

Noor brands offer food with good nutritional value. Eat healthy with manageable calories.

We have reputation

Noor brands are well known for their quality products. We never disappoint our customers.

Fresh and pesticide-free

Our fresh quality food product is the main goal to achieve satisfaction from our clients. The food is completely hygienic without any contamination.


Our bland has the flexibility to serve both food and non-food products. Our staff is skilled to offer our customers a wide range of products.


We offer customization in products that suit the requirements of our clients. We hired a creative staff to fulfill the demands of our customers.

Qualified team

We have a qualified and trained team to provide maximum knowledge of products to our customers. This makes our brands superior in the market.

Why do people love us?

Meet Our Team

Wade Warren


Floyd Miles


Brooklyn Simmons


Ralph Edwards


Leslie Alexander


Wade Warren


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